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North Rhine Westphalia Region Guide


North Rhine - Westphalia is in the westernmost of the North Rhine. It is also the largest federal state of Germany. North Rhine – Westphalia contains over 18 million people and contributes to 22% of Germany’s gross domestic product which makes up a land area of 34,083 km (13,158 miles). This state is located in the western part of Germany while sharing borders with the Netherlands and Belgium. It also borders with German states such as Lower Saxony to the north and Rhineland-palatinate to the southwest and Hesse to the southeast.

The capital of North Rhine – Westphalia is Dusseldorf. The largest city which can be found here is Cologne.

This state is centered on the Rhine-Ruhr region. This is where Dusseldorf, Cologne and Bonn can be found. The state covers a distance of 291 km in measuring north to south. 266 km measuring from east to west.

The states and countries which border North Rhine – Westphalia are as follows:

  • Rhineland Palatinate (307 km)

  • Belgium (99km)

  • Hesse(269 km)

  • Lower Saxony (583 km)

  • The Netherlands (387 km)

North Rhine – Westphalia was founded by the British military in 1946. It was primarily made up of Westphalia and the northern parts of the Rhine Province. Both of these states originally belonged to Prussia. In 1947 the former state of Lippe merged with North Rhine – Westphalia which led to the present borders of the state.

In 2005, the North Rhine – Westphalia state election granted the CDU a victory. The top candidate Jurgen Ruttgers built a new government which joined the CDU and the FDP.
The largest part of the North Rhine – Westphalia is utilized for agriculture (52%) and forests (25%).
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