Located in the town of Brühl, Phantasialand is a popular theme park that has been attracting punters since 1967. It was created as a family-oriented destination by Gottlieb Löffelhardt and Richard Schmidt but has since grown to include nu-merous thrill rides that make it a popular destination for young and old alike.

Journey through the park’s Wild West section on the mine roller coaster of the Colorado Adventure or brave the high-speed roller coaster TARON that has bro-ken four world records. It boasts the fastest catapult drive in the world and is the longest multi-launch roller coaster in the world, flying through its tunnel just a hair’s width from the rock face.

Other popular rides at Phantasialand include the Raik (the fastest and longest family boomerang in the world) and the Black Mamba, an inverted roller coaster that snakes its way through abysses and gorges. Phantasialand’s water-based rides include the Chiapas log flume and the Wellenflug that flies over water foun-tains, together with the action-packed River Quest that journeys through a medi-eval fortress.

Musical and stunt shows take place throughout the summer months while acro-batic artists from Mongolia perform on China Town's open-air stage. Experience the “Pirates in 4D” film or enjoy the ice skating prom show of “Ice College”.

In addition to its rides and shows, Phantasialand is home to two themed hotels - Matamba and Ling Bao - where you can retreat at the end of an action-packed day and feast on delicious African and Chinese-themed buffets.