Top Campania Tourist Attractions

A landmark in the rebuilding of Naples, Galleria Umberto is probably the oldest shopping mall and by far one of the grandest in Southern Italy. The gallery was built starting from 1887 and it took four years to complete this cross-shaped building with its high and spacious glass vaults... read more arrow
7 /10
Pompeii points you back to Italy's glorious past – destroyed by the ravages of nature and time, but still a wonder and beauty in its own right. It is, in fact, one of Italy's top tourist draws... read more arrow
6.8 /10
A walk through the Galleria Principe di Napoli (Prince of Naples Mall) is in itself a simple, yet sweet pleasure.

Ornate would be a one-word description of the Galleria Principe di Napoli... read more arrow
6.6 /10
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