Abano Terme, one of the most prestigious spa towns in Europe, is nestled in an enchanting position at the Euganean Hills' feet in the center of the Veneto region. Abano Terme has been dedicated to pampering and well-being for millennia, and the Romans were the first to acclaim the revitalizing properties of Abano’s thermal spring waters. Since then, jet-setters and wealthy families have been tempted here with indulgent spa treatments.

The quiet, modern pedestrian zone in the heart of town stretches out from Piazza Fontana to the Montirone Gardens. Here you’ll discover serene leafy avenues, chic boutiques, and a myriad of bubbling fountains. Abano Terme's fountains are almost a symbol of the true wealth of the city – thermal water. Numerous fountains decorate the squares and pedestrian area.

You can visit the Duomo di San Lorenzo in the old part of the city, which houses a considerably precious work of art. Adjacent to the cathedral is Piazza del Sole e della Pace, noteworthy for its sundial, created by the local astronomer Salvador Condè, and is one of the largest in Europe. 

Take a break at a pavement cafe in one of the cobblestone streets, and watch the locals while sipping an espresso or vino beneath the warm Italian sun.

If you wish to venture further, take a bike to explore the soft, lush scenery of rolling vineyards, wildflower-carpeted meadows, and undulating Euganean Hills wrapping this Spa resort. A town that dedicates itself to soothe and replenish both body and soul.