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Top 3 Attractions in Abano Terme

Popular Abano Terme sights and tourist spots

  • Santuario della Beata Vergine della Salute thumbnail
    Front view of the Sanctuario della Beata Vergine della Salute sactuary in Abano Terme, Italy.
    The Sanctuary was built in 1435, following an apparent Marian apparition, while one of the periodic plague epidemics was raging.  Pietro Falco, an injured military at the time, decided to retire in prayer in a grove at the foot of Monteortone to find relief from his ailments. Towards the end of May 1428, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, would have appeared to him and invited him to immerse himself in the ancient thermal spring ...

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  • Monastero San Daniele thumbnail
    The entrance to the Monastero Benedettino San Daniele in Abano Terme, Italy.
    The Monastery was founded by the Montagnon lords to honor the holy martyr Daniel. His bones were found on 26 December 1075 under the floor of the church of Santa Giustina in Padova. The founders entrusted the monastery to a community of Benedictine monks. During the fourteenth century, the Great Catholic-Orthodox Schism created a serious spiritual crisis that affected San Daniele's community ...

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