Asiago is a marvelous village situated on the most extensive plateau in Italy, the Altopiano di Asiago, that has been inhabited from ancient time. The locals still speak their own language, the so-called “Cimbro” – similar to the German.

The plateau represents a vast green plain in the heart of the Veneto mountains that reach up to 2,350 meters above sea level. With expansive alpine meadows, forests and lower down in the valleys, fast flowing rivers, it is an ideal spot for summer and winter sports activities.

With 22 ski stations, 69 ski-lifts, 100 km of pistes and seven centers for cross-country skiing, Asiago is, indeed, one of Italy’s main hubs for ski and cross-country skiing. Thanks to its natural barrier of neighboring peaks providing relief from the icy north winds, the surroundings of Asiago are ideal for those seeking natural beauty and the aura of tranquility which it exudes.

During the summer, horse trekking, mountain biking or hiking are options to explore this seductive valley.

Asiago’s city center - one of the most elegant in the whole of the Veneto - was completely rebuilt after the First World War. The city is famous for its architectural beauty, bright streets, and large squares. The town’s centerpiece is a beautiful fountain, which adorns a mythical satyr surrounded by a handful of majestic creatures. At a short distance from the fountain, you’ll find yourself on the steps of the 14th-century Cathedral of Saint Matthew.

Surrounding the center of town is an abundance of shops and cafes. Take a moment to stop by a local meat shop and indulge in some of the region’s finest meats and of course Asiago cheese. The origins of this cheese go back to the 10th century and is today classified as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and renowned in Italy and abroad.