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Top 3 Attractions in Asiago

Popular Asiago sights and tourist spots

  • Sacrario militare di Asiago thumbnail
    The Asiago War Memorial on a hill.
    The Asiago War Memorial, also known as Sacrario del Leiten, is a monument built to the memory of World War 1 combatants that fought in the Battle of Asiago. It was created by Orfeo Rossato and displayed to the public in 1938. ...

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  • Strada del Vecchio Trenino thumbnail
    A tunnel along the Strada del Vecchio Trenino path
    The "Road of the old train" is an old railway path that was converted into a pedestrian and bike path. Along its approximate 15km length, there are multiple remnants of the charm and history of the steam train era. ...

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  • Forte Interrotto thumbnail
    An old picture of the damaged Forte Interrotto of Asiago.
    Fort Interrotto was a military barracks built in the 19th century and partially fortified as a fortress at the First World War outbreak. It was meant to defend the Italian border against the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The fortress is located at 1,392 meters above sea level in the municipality of Asiago. The name of the fort derives its name from the mountain on which it was built, precisely Monte Interrotto (Italianization of the Cimbrian germanic term "Hinterrucks", which means "mountain placed to the north") ...

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