Valpolicella is one of Italy's most distinguished winemaking area, situated in the Veneto region between the charming Roman town of Verona and Lake Garda. Here, wine production has ancient traditions dating back to Roman times. The name Valpolicella ("vallis cellae polis") has Latin origins and means "valley with many cellars". 

Undoubtedly, Valpolicella's masterpiece is the unique Amarone della Valpolicella. The winemaking process of this wine is complex and done in a special method. Grapes (such as Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara) are carefully selected during the harvest and then left to dry on racks for at least four months. By this time, the grapes lose some water while retaining the sugars and the flavors. Finally, they are aged in barrels for at least two years. The subsequent fermentation of Amarone leads to dry, full-bodied wine rich in alcohol and aromas.

In the Valpolicella area, you will find many wineries, from large businesses to small family-run companies yet all of them respect the old winemaking traditions with care. Many wineries are open to visitors and allow you to see their vineyards, cellars and even reveal some secrets in the production of the unique Amarone wine.

Valpolicella is an intensely beautiful region, characterized by the steep, vine-laced ridges that run alongside its gurgling mountain streams. Besides the stunning terraced vineyards, the region is dotted with pretty towns and hamlets. Also, is this area rich in history, from the remains of the villages of the indigenous peoples and the ruins of Roman villas to the Romanesque churches and the many aristocratic villas. 

If you are staying in Verona, Valpolicella makes for a perfect day trip to enjoy history, culture and some of the best Italian wine.