Vicenza is a fantastic city located in the northern region of Veneto in Italy. It is a hidden gem, situated in the shadows of its famous neighbors Verona and Venice.

A journey to Vicenza offers unforeseen perspectives into art and history. The wealth of the past presents itself in every corner of the town; the grandeur of the Roman Empire, the Palladian Renaissance, plus the surrounding nature, given its setting among the lush Berici hills and the vast stretches of green which embrace the city.

Vicenza is dominated by its most famous citizen, Andrea Palladio, whose buildings, alongside his iconic villas in the Veneto countryside, are recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Everything in Vicenza breathes his name, from the cathedral in the Piazza dei Signori to the celebrated Teatro Olimpico, that is situated in an amazing setting, and the dozens of villas in the vicinity.

Vicenza combines, however, its early past with a modern cosmopolitan outlook. Its elegant historic center - with porticoes and balustrades – host not only old osterias, family-run trattorias and historic cafés, but also cool lounge bars, innovative gourmet restaurants and designer boutiques providing a satisfying dose of modern vibrancy.

Gourmands can't leave the town without trying Veneto's typical dish, Baccalà alla Vicentina, codfish slowly simmered in milk flavored with a savory sofrito of garlic, onions, and anchovies.

Here good food, elegance, design, and a touch of the eternal accompany the visitor within its consummate aesthetic grandeur.