• Lisbon perfectly reflects the Portuguese culture, which embraces modern culture while maintaining its unique heritage and traditions. In the fascinating city, you’ll find cultural sights and magnificent monuments that mark their place in history.

    Lisbon Neighborhoods

    Besides, Lisbon has some alluring districts each with its atmosphere, from the trendy Bairra, the luxury Chiado, to the authentic neighborhood Alfama; they all offer something that will appeal to you.

    Lisbon Art and Culture

    Lisbon has a great cultural offer. The city has many famous and less famous museums; one of the unique museums in the town is the "Museu Nacional do Azulejo" (The Tile Museum) that tells the history of the Portugal's "azulejo" tiles in Portugal from the 16th century to today. Art lovers should book a Street Art Tour, which will guide them through several streets of Lisbon that are full of graffiti and street art.

    Lisbon food

    Lisbon’s culinary scene embraces several cool concepts and sophisticated twists, including the street food scene and the food markets. One of the trendiest spots is the "Mercado da Ribeira" food court. Now, a hot spot for tourists, however, the locals have been using this market already since 1892. The original building was a top-quality place for buying fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish, while the historic building of today (in Cais do Sodré) combines traditional favorites with Michelin-star culinary delights in more than 30 food stalls. For a more local (and less crowded) experience, head to the "Mercado Campo de Ourique" where they sell a variety of traditional products, as well as artisanal Portuguese recipes.