Top Northwestern Tourist Attractions

The monument stands at the Decembrists Square, opposite the Neva River in St. Petersburg, Russia... read more arrow
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The Marble Palace

Mramornyi Dvorets or the Marble Palace is located in Saint Petersburg, in Russia. The Neoclassical palace is located between the Palace Quay and the Field of Mars, near the Winter Palace... read more arrow
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During World War II, Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) underwent a 900-day siege by the Nazis. The people of Leningrad bravely defended their city, withstanding the lengthy siege and valiantly protecting the Bronze Horseman (as Peter the Great's monument is known)... read more arrow
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The Winter Palace (or "Zimnyi Dvorets") was the main residence of the Russian tsars during winter. It is located in Saint Petersburg, at Millionnaya Ulitsa... read more arrow
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The Peter and Paul Fortress (Petropalovskaia Krepost) in Saint Petersburg, Russia, was Peter the Great's answer to possible attack from the Swedish army. When he reclaimed the lands on the banks of the Neva River, he had the fortress built on Hare Island (Zayachii Ostrov), an island in the Neva... read more arrow
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