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Middle East Attractions

Places to visit, points of interest and top things to see in Middle East

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Petra is a top tourist attraction in Jordan. It is tucked behind a wall of rugged mountains, a well-kept secret that continues to beckon to tourists because of its unrivaled views of the ancient world. This city is amazingly carved out of rose-red rock. It is imposing, majestic as it is historical.

A world heritage site and wonder

Situated in Jordan 133 kilometers north of Aqaba and 262 kilometers south of Amman, the Petra is the Nabataeans' gift to the world... read more arrow

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Basilica Cistern
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The Hagia Sophia is located in Istanbul, Turkey. The place is unique not only due to the beauty it carries but also due to the fact that it is a place which has changed in its construction and development over the period of time but also it has switched its religion. These words are true if you are talking about Hagia Sophia. Rulers from more than one religion have ruled Turkey and every one has tried to leave its marks forever on Hagia Sophia... read more arrow

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If you are heading to Jerusalem, it means that you are heading towards the capital, and the largest city in Israel. Jerusalem is located in the Judean Mountains, and you'll find it between the Mediterranean Sea and the tip of the Dead Sea. This is an area that holds much of the history of the main religions that are present in this world. This means that the area is one to which many people would love to visit, unfortunately it is not something that everyone is able to do because of conflict and tension that takes place most of the time... read more arrow

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