Located just a mile outside SeaWorld San Diego is Belmont Park, one of the most popular destinations for locals and tourists in the city especially during the summer months. Belmont Park is situated right at the heart of Mission Beach, and was first opened to the public during the Roaring 20's. Today, the park has been visited by millions of locals and tourists coming from all over the world, making it a definite must-visit place if you are planning a trip to the city of San Diego. Although there have been many new additions to the attractions that are offered to its visitors, some of these attractions date back to the time that Belmont Park first opened. One of these is the Olympic-size pool called the Plunge Pool, which has been one of the features of Belmont Park since the year 1925. Recognized as the largest heated pool in Southern California, the Plunge Pool is unique from most other public pools as this is filled with salt water instead of fresh water which is treated with chlorine. The pool measures 60 feet wide and 175 feet long, and its design was based on the Spanish Renaissance style which was the popular design during this period. Another attraction that has become a part of the history of Belmont Park is the Giant Dipper roller coaster. Once considered as the key attraction of Belmont Park, this 2600 feet long roller coaster was built on a 3-acre area of the park and was the most popular ride of the park until it fell into disrepair during the early 1970s. In 1990, renovations and repairs have been completed on the coaster and have been once again opened to the public to enjoy all over again.