Located in Balboa Park on the northern downtown district of San Diego, California, the San Diego Zoo is one of the oldest existing zoos in the entire state of California. Opened to the public back in October 1916, the San Diego Zoo was established for the sole purpose to provide a haven to ensure the conservation and protection of various species of wildlife within a setting that is both enjoyable to visitors as well as educational. Today, the zoo is home to over 800 different species and subspecies of wildlife with over 4,000 animals from these species and subspecies that are rare and endangered. On top of this, the zoo also prides itself for its lush botanical collection which contains more than 70,000 different kinds of exotic plants. Apart from being a favorite field trip destination for schools within the city of San Diego, there are also a host of other activities that cater to people of all ages which allow them to learn more about the different plant and animal life in the zoo. One of the most popular events held in the San Diego Zoo is the Nighttime Zoo, which provides you and your family a completely different zoo experience. Held during the month of September, the San Diego Zoo extends its hours of operation until 9 pm as it becomes the venue for a variety of different shows featuring the creatures of the night. One show you shouldn't miss while you are there is SOAR: A Symphony of Flight. This spectacular show features a breathtaking array of night birds as they soar and glide with light displays and music at the background, further highlighting the captivating display.