In northwestern Argentina in the San Juan province lays the remarkable national park and geological formation of Valle de la Luna – Ischigualasto. It's close to the border of Chile and also borders the Talampaya National Park in La Rioja. It's part of the Pampean Hills and features some amazing scenery, and it's historically important.There are a variety of things to do in this Valle de la Luna – Ischigualasto, such as:• Paleontologists and dinosaur lovers will find some of the oldest known dinosaur bones from the late Triassic period. It provides an incredible study of the ancient mammals of the time as well.• This is also a World Heritage Site with some of the most amazing rock formations of any place in the world in the Talampaya National Park gorge that has natural rock formation walls that ruse up to 469 feet high and are 262 feet at its most narrow.• Nature lovers will find the flora and fauna amazing throughout its 830 square miles at 4921 feet above sea level, and the desert scenery will delight amateur and professional photographers.• Other travels will find the petroglyphs of Puerta del Cañón quite fascinating, along with the remains of the settlements of the indigenous people.• The botanical garden is a must for travelers to visit and learn about the native plants.When travelers want a destination that is not a hotbed of other tourists, the Valle de la Luna – Ischigualasto has some amazing places to see and things to do.