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Guyana Country Guide


Guyana is located in South America and has a 430 km long Atlantic coastline on the North Easter side. It shares its borders on the west by Venezuela, Brazil on the south and Suriname on the eastern side. Guyana is a land that has varied weather due to its topography. The coastal plains, and the white sand belt along with the highland on the inland, make this country unique. Throughout the year the region is sheathed in a tropical climate which is often assuaged by the sea breezes.

Most of the rivers flow through the north-east side making this area fertile and accounting for more than 90% of its population that is living in the coastal plains. The agriculture and other industrial activities are largely concentrated in the coastal areas.

Guyana is a region that has abundant wildlife. Various species like jaguars, antelopes, and iguanas can be found here. The country has diverse population. Africans, East Indians, Europeans and other Asians are inhabitants of this country giving it a unique cultural amalgamation. Because of such varied culture, French, Dutch and English are the official languages here. One can also hear “creole”, which is a language that has been derived from the official languages and the African and Asian vernacular.

The main religions in Guyana are Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. Some of the population has converted to Christianity but continues to follow their original rituals. Presently, roughly around half of the population is Christian. Throughout the turbulent history of Guyana, Christianity’s status remained quite dominant.

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