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Suriname Country Guide


Suriname lies in the Northern Coast of South America. It shares its borders with French Guiana on the east, Brazil on the south, Guyana on the west and Atlantic Ocean on the north. The region has a narrow coastal plain, savannas and plateau region that is woody. There are some mountain ranges as well. Its main rivers Courantyne, Maroni and Suriname, flow across the country and empty in the Atlantic. The country is rich in the minerals and industries pertaining to Bauxite mining and Aluminum production, thrive here. Paramaribo is the capital of Surname and is also the administrative capital.

The official language spoken in Suriname is Dutch, although English is also widely spoken. People here speak Sranang Tongo or Taki-Taki, which is the local dialect. Climate in Suriname is typically tropical with warm and humid weather throughout the year.

Suriname has a wide variety of things to do. The Brownsberg Nature Park is one of the main tourist attractions and is a home to several plant and animal species. The Galibi Nature Reserve is famous as the nesting beach for the Oliver Ridley Turtle in the Atlantic region. Also this reserve contains a biological diversity due to its different environmental factors. Paramaribo is a bustling city that is located by the Suriname River. One can see the huge colonial buildings, a reminder of the Dutch heritage. Over here the St. Peter and Paul cathedral is supposed to be the largest wooden structure in the entire Americas.

The international airport is called Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport. It is located approximately one hour from Paramaribo.

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