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Popularly known as the largest and most populated country in South America, the country of Brazil has been also considered as a favorite playground for tourists. It is a country where the party never ceases, especially during the Carnival Festival. Watered by the second largest river, the Amazon, it has the world’s largest rainforest, arid deserts in the northeast and rolling grasslands in the south. The country has many well developed industries and a huge, successful agricultural base. Brazilian society is a diverse mix of cultures.

The Amazon Basin, and its forests, some mountainous, occupy northern Brazil. The southeast is a region of plateau that varies from sun burnt arid scrublands to rich fields and pastures.

Brazil’s modern capital city, Brasílía lies on the extreme northern edge of the plateau region. It was built on the felled rainforest in 1950s. It replaced Rio de Janeiro as the capital.

But there is more to Brazil’s beauty than just its good looking people and beaches. Brazil is also home to the most number of exotic wildlife and plant species in the world. This is not surprising because Brazil is the home of the Amazon Rainforest, the largest rainforest in the world. What is shocking is that the Amazon National Park is not the largest national preservation parks in the entire country. Although it spans almost 1 million hectares, the Amazon National Park, situated along the borders of the states of Para and Amazona, is only the third largest national parks in the country. There are a number of different guided tours that would take tourists up-close and personal with some of Brazil’s jewels. From chestnut trees reaching 8 meters tall to endangered wildlife such as the Boi fish, visitors are able to get a newfound sense of appreciation.

Brazil is considered to be a tropical country, being situated along the Earth’s equator, it is one place in the world where you can travel for just a few hours and cover the entire nation. At the Lagao Piexe National Park, head inward from the beach and you may mistake yourself in being transported into the Arabian Desert. The park is not just known for its pristine beaches. It is also known for its mystifying sand dunes where you can enjoy a variety of sport activities ranging from sand boarding to driving through the dunes on a 4-wheeler.

As with any Latin American country, Brazil is one where rhythm and music are part of the soul and essence of the country. The months of February and March are the most anticipated months of the year as this is the time when the annual Carnival Festival is held. Thousands gather in the capital of Rio de Janeiro to witness and have a part of this spectacular event filled with music, color and dancing. Even the country’s national martial art, capoeria, exhibits just how much rhythm lives within the hearts and souls of the Brazilians. Unlike most martial arts practiced in other parts of the world, capoeria is perhaps the only form of martial art that is done with accompanying music.

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