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Top 10 Attractions in Andalusia

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    Alhambra thumbnail
    An overall view of the Alhambra complex in Granada, Spain.

    The jewel of Moorish Spain and still one of the country's national treasures and major attractions. The palace of Alhambra is the reason that most visitors come to Granada. Built during the Moorish occupation of Spain, the palace's stunning beauty is a reminder that while Christian Europe stumbled through the Dark Ages, the Moors of Andalusia reached unrivaled pinnacles of beauty and culture. It is an oasis of splendor set against the backdrop of mountains and the city of Granada ...

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  • Puente Nuevo Bridge thumbnail
    A picture of the Puente Nuevo Bridge in Ronda, Andalusia, Spain.

    Puente Nuevo, also meaning the New Bridge in Spanish, runs across the Guadalevin River and the El Tajo gorge in the town of Ronda in Andalusia, Spain. Though the bridge's views are spectacular, and something is intimidating about this 120 meters deep gorge, it is not that unique from an engineering perspective.

    In fact, the supposedly 'new' bridge is not so new – it was completed in 1793 when it could have been called an engineering feat. The first bridge, also known as the Puente de San Miguel, was built by the Moors around the 9th century ...

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  • Seville Spring Fair thumbnail
    An artsy representation of the Spring Fair of Seville.
    Come Spring and the air in Seville in Andalusia, Spain, is transformed into one of joy and rapture as the town starts preparing for the Seville Fair, also known as the April Fair or Feria de Sevilla. The fair begins on a Sunday at the stroke of twelve and is on until the next Sunday. Held on a ground of 1.2 million square meters known as the Real de la, the fair is officially inaugurated by the Mayor of Seville by switching on the lights of the grounds. This scene itself is breathtaking!

    The grounds are arranged in three sections – one dedicated for parking, one section houses an amusement park and a large area is dedicated for casetas ...

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  • Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba thumbnail
    Moorish columns in the Mesquita-Cathedral of Cordoba.

    Cordoba's prime attraction in Andalucia, Spain, is La Mesquita, also known as the Great Mosque or the Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba. With architecture that has flavors of Egyptian, Syrian, Roman and Gothic styles, Cordoba's Mesquita attracts about 1.5 million visitors annually and claims to be the third-largest worship place in the world. The mosque has not only borne several modifications to its original structure over the years, but it has also been a witness to changes and fusion of both the Occident and Caliphate in Cordoba ...

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  • Pueblos Blancos thumbnail
    Grazalema, one of the famous white villages in the mountains of Andalusia.

    The hills of Andalusia have a very diverse landscape. This beautiful area is an ideal place for a scenic drive and even for a bike ride. Boundless olive trees, spectacular gorges, rushing rivers, and flowery fields surround the 'Pueblos Blancos' (white villages) in the hills.

    The white villages were built around the 13th to 15th century and were originally inhabited by the Moors. Today they are owned by the local population but still breathe a typical Moorish atmosphere ...

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  • Real Alcazar thumbnail
    The Royal Palace of Seville's interior court.

    The Real Alcazar (or "Reales Alcázares de Sevilla") is a royal Palace in the city of Seville in Andalusia, Spain.


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    Maestranza thumbnail
    The Plaza de Toros Maestranza bullring arena in Seville, Spain.

    The Maestranza is the famous bullring in Seville, Spain.


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  • Plaza de España thumbnail
    Part of the famous Plaza de España in Seville, Andanlusia.

    Plaza de España is the main square in Seville, Spain.


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