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My Favorite Lighthouse Stays

Are you looking for a unique idea for a family vacation or weekend getaway? Go full sail on the nautical theme and consider ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Vacation Rentals or Home Swap Exchange?

There is an obvious cost advantage to doing a Home Swap Exchange when travelling. If cost and budget is not an issue however, ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Tips on Getting Lower and Cheaper Flight Airfares

The seemingly ever-changing world of airfares is one of the most confusing aspects of the travel business. It’s entirely ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Disney Cruises!

The kids wanted to go Disney. Mom and Dad wanted a vacation that was a little more relaxing. What was our solution? A Disney ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
What is the difference between weather and climate?

Weather is about specific meteorological conditions that are experienced at given moments. For example, it is sunny, 51°F(23°C). ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
The Good and Bad of SUV Travel Rentals

Special Utility Vehicles You’re most likely very familiar with the monstrous-sized SUV’s favored by soccer moms for ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Prior to parenthood: Babymoon (Baby Honeymoons)

“A lot of people advised us to get away and have one last holiday together to make sure we keep that friendship going through ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Tourist Spots

"Tourist spots" is a popular term to designate main region or city attractions. Other terms that are often used ...>

By: Goparoo Staff