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Top 17 Tourist Attractions in Russia

Popular Russia landmarks and tourist spots

  • State Hermitage Museum thumbnail
    The War Gallery of 1812 in the State Hermitage Museum.
    In Saint Petersburg, Russia, the Hermitage Museum is one of the largest art galleries and museums of antiquities in the world. Six buildings by the Neva river ost the museum's large collection. The Winter Palace, which was the ancient stars' residence, is the most important one. The stars accumulated their large collection of artifacts over the centuries and after the 1917 revolution, the complex converted into a State Museum ...

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  • Moscow Kremlin thumbnail
    The Kremlin in Moscow.
    What is a visit to Russia without a trip to the Kremlin in Moscow? This imposing site has stood witness to many tumultuous and victorious moments in Russian History. It is in itself an awe-inspiring sight. The Kremlin (or literally, 'fortified town') is the seat of power in Russia. It is from this fortress city that the czars issued their commands and ruled all of Russia ...

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  • Named after Pavel Tretyakov, the Tretyakov Gallery, in Moscow, is one of the most important art museums in the world. It houses a large collection of art, including about 2,000 Russian art works donated by its namesake. Tretyakov donated the works from his private collection during the late 19th century. From there, the collection grew and grew and the gallery now houses works from the 11th century right up to the 20th century ...

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  • The monument stands at the Decembrists Square, opposite the Neva River in St. Petersburg, Russia. It is framed by St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Admiralty and the buildings of the former Synod and Senate. It is said that as long as the monument stands in the midst of the city, St ...

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  • 5 Marble Palace

    7.2 /10
    The Marble Palace

    Mramornyi Dvorets or the Marble Palace is located in Saint Petersburg, in Russia. The Neoclassical palace is located between the Palace Quay and the Field of Mars, near the Winter Palace. The Empress Catherine the Great had this built for her favorite nobleman, Count Grigory Orlov ...

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  • 6 Red Square

    7 /10
    Red Square thumbnail
    Part of the Red Square in Moscow.
    Contrary to popular misconception, the Red Square is not named 'Red' because of the color of the square's bricks (although they are actually red) or as an allusion to Communism. The Red Square is actually 'Krasnaya Ploschad' in Russian. The word 'Krasnaya' means 'beautiful' in old Russian, but it eventually evolved to mean 'red'. However, which way you call it – beautiful or red – you will be right on the spot when describing this popular tourist destination ...

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  • The Winter Palace (or "Zimnyi Dvorets") was the main residence of the Russian tsars during winter. It is located in Saint Petersburg, at Millionnaya Ulitsa.

    It lends its majestic presence along the bank of the Neva River. The palace is superbly designed in the Baroque tradition. It is particularly impressive because of its elaborately adorned rooms and halls (there are about 1,000 such halls and rooms!) ...

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  • The Peter and Paul Fortress (Petropalovskaia Krepost) in Saint Petersburg, Russia, was Peter the Great's answer to possible attack from the Swedish army. When he reclaimed the lands on the banks of the Neva River, he had the fortress built on Hare Island (Zayachii Ostrov), an island in the Neva. Workmen labored overtime to finish the fortress because they expected an impending attack from the Swedes ...

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  • Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood thumbnail
    Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood exterior.
    The Church of the Resurrection, also known as the Church of the Blood, Church of the Savior, and Church of the Savior on Blood, is a memorial church in Saint Petersburg built in the neo-Russian style. It is designed on the model of Moscow's St. Basil's Cathedral. It is correspondingly conspicuous as the only large church building in downtown Petersburg that does not follow Italian and classical western architectural styles ...

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  • Peterhof Palace thumbnail
    Inside the Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg.
    The Peterhof Palace is a former summer residence of the Russian tsars on the Gulf of Finland in Peterhof, about 25 km west of Saint Petersburg. The complex was built on the occasion of the Russian victory in the Great Northern War based on the architectural model of the Palace of Versailles and based on designs by Peter the Great. The palace and park were built in several sections from 1715 to 1755 according to plans by Johann Friedrich Braunstein, Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Le Blond, Nicola Michetti and Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli in the Baroque style ...

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  • Radisson Collection Hotel thumbnail
    An aerial view of the Radisson Collection Hotel in Moscow.
    This hotel is a recognizable part of Moscow's skyline, offering a 5-star luxurious service inside a palatial style ambient that provides incredible comfort to its guests. Radisson Collection Hotel Moscow gives the "wow-effect" from the outside, as same as from the inside. From the moment you walk in, you will see the majestic interior and the mixture of history and modern luxury ...

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  • St. Basil's Cathedral thumbnail
    The Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.
    The Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, or simply, Saint Basil's Cathedral, stuns and amazes with its color, grandiosity, and quirkiness. The Church of the Intercession of the Virgin on the Moat, as it is formally called, was built to commemorate the capture of the Tartar city of Kazan on October 1, 1552 ...

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  • Kamchatka Volcanoes thumbnail
    Some Kamchatka mountain volcanoes.
    Most people would enjoy seeing a volcano close-up, especially an active one. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience many years ago and would now like to introduce it to my children. Recently, I discovered the surprising fact that the most active volcano area on earth is located on a Russian peninsula! Located in far eastern Russia, Kamchatka lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea ...

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  • 16 Lake Baikal

    6.7 /10
    Lake Baikal (Irkust Province)

    Discover a place so beautiful it literally will take your breath away. Lake Baikal, in the Irkust Province of Siberia in Russia, is simply magical – you have to visit it and see for yourself. It is paradise for the nature lover, the wildlife watcher and the consummate fisherman ...

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  • Peter the Great Statue thumbnail
    The central part of Peter the Great's statue.
    The Statue of Peter the Great stands by the Moskva River in Moscow, Russia. It is one of the tallest statues in the world (6th) being about 94m high. This monument was made by controversial sculptor-painter-architect Zurab Tsereteli. His work is often the subject of strong public criticism ...

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