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Located right in the heart of Western Europe is the country of Switzerland. The country is one of the few in Europe where some of the largest and longest rivers cut through. This had been proven to be extremely advantageous to the economic progress of the country of Switzerland since it provided more trading routes in the country. These trading routes provided Switzerland the needed raw materials which they, in turn, used for the development of specialized high-tech industries.

For travelers visiting the country of Switzerland, the majestic Swiss Alps continue to hold fascination. It is no surprise since 70% of the entire country is completely surrounded by the Alps. They are the highest mountains in all of Europe. Apart from being one of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges, the Alps also form a natural border that divides the northern and southern regions of Europe. While the Alps are one of the top tourist attractions in Switzerland, tourism is controlled here to preserve this fragile mountain range.

The country of Switzerland is also home to some of the most scenic and popular lakes in Europe. It is home of two of the largest lakes in Western Europe: the Geneva Lake and the Constance Lake.

Because of its landscape, the climate experienced in Switzerland can vary. In the regions near the Alps, the locals experience cooler and more humid climates as compared to the valley regions which divide the country into 26 different provinces. During the summer months, the provinces in the plateau regions experience warm climates with dry winds.

Despite the fact that much of the country is comprised of isolated valleys, the country of Switzerland had remained into a united confederation since the year 1291. Its strong central government and long history of remaining neutrals during wars have made Switzerland, particularly the city of Geneva, to be the home of much of the headquarters of international organizations. The peaceful life experienced in the country has also provided the country the opportunity to have successful banking and high-tech industries, making it the wealthiest country in the world. Naturally, its inhabitants are among the richest in the world and it is no wonder then why the standards of living here in is rather high, especially for tourists visiting the country for the very first time.

The best place to start your journey around the country of Switzerland is in the capital city of Bern. With a history dating back to the 11th century, Bern provides a perfect blend of the historical and cultural thriving side by side with modern-day infrastructures. One of the top tourist attractions here is its colorful street market.

Another top tourist attraction in the major cities in the country is its museums. Switzerland is home to a number of different museums showcasing the rich cultural, historical and artistic heritage of the country. One of the most popular museums among travelers visiting Switzerland is the “Chateau des Monts” Watch Museum in Le Locle, an 18th manor house with a huge collection of clocks and watches.

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