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Casanova Museum attraction and visiting information
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Casanova Museum

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The Casanova Museum and Experience is a multimedia museum dedicated to one of the greatest figures in Venice's history, Giacomo Casanova.

The museum's objective is to revive the colors and emotions of the city of the Doges through the life and thoughts of Casanova. And above all to rehabilitate the man of letters, too often reduced to the most famous seducer in history.

'We should reconsider him a little. Abroad, we study him at school. Here in Italy, we're still a bit stuck on the cliché of the lover. But he is so much more, he is a great scholar. He is a great personality with specific virtues, which needs to be explained and brought to people's attention,' says Andrea Cosentino, the Casanova Museum director.

Casanova left an abundant literary legacy, including his memoirs known as 'The Story of My Life'.

The museum is housed in Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, a building in the Gothic style, not far from the Grand Canal.

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