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Venice Mercerie attraction and visiting information
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Venice Mercerie

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The Mercerie ( Marzarie in Venetian) is a set of streets that make up the main commercial artery of the city of Venice. It is located in the sestiere (district) of San Marco and connects St. Mark's Square to the Rialto area.

The Mercerie holds the core shopping businesses of the lagoon city. Since the early days of the Republic of Venice, it was the main place to negotiate and buy imported goods. For a time, the stores selling precious fabrics and textiles were open all night long. 

Along the Mercerie street and surrounding areas, the first floors of all the buildings on both sides of the street are occupied almost exclusively by stores.

Today, the stores of the Mercerie are mostly luxury businesses: jewelers, furriers, shoemakers, clothing, hats, gloves, and art glass with Murano production.

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