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Palazzo Falier attraction and visiting information
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Palazzo Falier

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Palazzo Falier is a palace in Venice in the Veneto region of Italy. It is located by the Rio dei Santi Apostoli canal in the historic sestieri (neighborhood) of Cannaregio. The former Doge and military commander who tried a coup in April 1355, Marino Falier, took residence in this Palace before being executed.


The building originated in a simple form in the 11th century, was destroyed by fire, and was rebuilt in 1105. Subsequently, it was frequently rebuilt, which also partially changed the structure. Today, there is a hotel on the 1st floor.


The palace stands on Venetian arcades and arches by the canal while presenting itself over the adjacent square with a particular monumentality. The facade shows very ancient elements of Byzantine influence. Also noteworthy are the decorations from the 13th and 15th centuries: Two arched and two circular reliefs and two Gothic shields. The monochromatic facade is interrupted by single windows, arranged in pairs next to the multiple windows.

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