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Cinque Terre and Beyond

Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. These five picturesque villages - clinging to the rocky coast ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Discover Central Italy

Think of all that you love about Italy, and you'll find it in this central region home to hundreds of charming small hill ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Beautiful and Wineful Tuscany

The Tuscan winding roads take you along the most spectacular sceneries Italy has to offer. It seems that every aspect of ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Discover Riviera di Ponente, the land of the setting sun

A pristine corner of Italy, Liguria’s “Riviera di Ponente” - that stretches from Genoa westward to the French border ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Langhe, breathtaking landscapes, picturesque hamlets and excellent Italian gastronomy

A stunningly beautiful area of rolling hills, on which rest ancient villages, picturesque hamlets, medieval towers, and castles. ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Discover Dubrovnik - Game Of Thrones' King's Landing

There was a time when Croatia was a reasonably well-kept secret among travelers in the know. Overshadowed by its Mediterranean ...>

By: Rebecca Johnston
Can you Visit Barcelona on a Budget?

Barcelona is one of the most culturally fascinating cities you will ever visit. With shades of Gaudí, Picasso, Miró and ...>

By: Angela Murray
The Chianti, Wine Paradise Region

With a population close to 4 million, Tuscany is primarily known for its export of olives, grain and tobacco, with Carrara ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
The French Riviera, Playground of the Rich and Famous

Mention the Cote d’Azur - or French Riviera - to someone and it conjures up a picture of beautiful beaches, stylish resorts, ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
7 Castles of Portugal

A castle a day’s how this tourist will play. Portugal is perhaps famous for its over one hundred and fifty castles and ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Unique Night Life in Ibiza

Ibiza has become one of the leading social hotspots when traveling to Spain for the summer. Their relaxing beach life is ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

I really wasn’t expecting much as far as tourism goes when I decided to go to Romania for several months in my early 20s. ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Ireland Golf Vacations

Ireland is known as The Emerald Isle for its lush greenery. The temperate climate Ireland enjoys allows for one of this ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Majestic Mont Saint Michel


By: Goparoo Staff
Touring Northern Italy

A trip to Italy is a vacation in one of Europe's most diverse countries. There are a few destinations within the country ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
A Journey Along the Authentic Northern Coast of Spain

Northern Spain, this corner of the Iberian Peninsula seems like an entirely different country, here you get a real feel for ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
A visit to historical Madrid and ambitious Valencia

Madrid's exciting atmosphere and cultural treasures win the hearts of many visitors. From buzzing plazas, cultural sites, ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Exploring Catalonia

Catalonia, or Catalunya in Spanish, is truly diverse, with its own language and its own unique culture. Bordered by mountains ...>

By: Barbara Rumi