Pittsburgh, declared as the cleanest city by Forbes in 2007 has been a major hub of steel industry in the past decades. Today, the city is most sought-after for its financial services, healthcare and technological establishments. Pittsburgh is predominantly settled on the Allegheny Plateau, the merging point of Allegheny River and Monongahela River. The city is replete with hills, both low level and steep and river valleys. The city has constructed stairs leading to the hills for the convenience of its travelers. In fact, it has built walking trails and bikes for reaching the riverfronts and valleys. The city faces distinct seasons characterized by downfalls throughout the year. Winter, which is the coldest and driest, experiences a temperature range that falls below -3 degree Celsius. The summers are however, not extremely hot and humid as the maximum temperature hits around 28 degree Celsius. The warmest month of summers is July with average maximum temperatures of 26-28 degree Celsius and minimum of 17 degree Celsius. The city faces heavy rainfall and precipitation, especially during the month of May which experiences maximum thunderstorms and downpours. ‘The Golden Point’ is the major tourist attraction in Pittsburgh which marks the confluence of Allegheny River from north and Monongahela River from south. This point is also known as The Downtown. At the tip of the triangle is the Point State Park which denotes the birth of Ohio. Another most visited place in the city is its Andy Warhol Museum which is a home to many fascinating art pieces in form of sculptures, poetry et al by the world-renowned American Pop artists.