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The state of Vermont is a New England State in the United States and it is bordered by Canada up north, New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Vermont is nicknamed the Green Mountain State owing to its topography. Nature lovers would really love exploring the state due to its topography and forests. The state has numerous notable uplands and almost 75% of it is forested. Vermont has the most interesting landforms regions like the New England Upland which is to its east. It consists of hills and streams that even reach the Massachusetts. The region of the Green Mountains sits in the centre of Vermont and consists of Fold Mountains that have been termed geologically complex in their system. This state is a paradise for wildflowers which include gentian and orchids. There are also numerous animals and rodents like the bobcat and the muskrat.

Visitors to the state should not miss the historical homes of the two American presidents who emerged from Vermont, namely Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Chester Arthur. The leader of the Mormon, Joseph Smith was also born there and a monument was put in place for him. The state has a number of museums and monuments. The most interesting is the Bennington Battle Monument which marks the place where the British were defeated by Americans in 1777. Most of the museums have on display a portrayal or recreation of the life of the earliest settlers especially the Shelburne museum.

Skiing is another attraction that brings a lot of tourists. Vermont State is dotted with ski resorts. The state has long winters and receives up to 125 inches of snow annually making it a heaven for skiers.
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