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Top 25 Tourist Attractions in Canada

  • 8.7 /10
    Niagara Falls thumbnail
    A view at the top of the Horseshoe Falls at Niagara.
    Niagara Falls is a gigantic waterfall straddling the US-Canadian border between the Ontario Province and New York State. While they are neither the steepest nor the largest waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls may arguably be the most famous, attracting nearly 20 million visitors each year. This spectaclar natural wonder has been variously described as enchanting and awe-inspiring, and since the 1850s, has been among the most visited tourist attractions in the world ...

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  • Historic Quebec City thumbnail
    A narrow street in Old Quebec City's "Petit Champlain" neighbourhood.
    Historic Quebec, now a larger Quebec City neighborhood, was the complete main city in the 17th century. Centuries-old fortifications surround the old city. Many attractions and mostly all buildings within these walls are of historic nature. This is why the complete neighborhood itself is one of the top attractions in Quebec, Canada, and even North America and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO ...

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  • 7.8 /10
    CN Tower thumbnail
    Looking up at the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada.
    The CN Tower is the tallest free-standing infrastructure in all of Canada. Resembling the Space Needle in Seattle, the CN Tower is considered one of the world's most recognizable landmarks. Visited by millions of locals and tourists from all parts of the world, the CN Tower is situated right in the heart of Toronto's beautiful and multi-cultural cities in the province of Ontario, Canada ...

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  • 7.8 /10
    Bay of Fundy thumbnail
    Part of the beautiful Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, Canada.
    The Bay of Fundy is one of Canada's greatest natural treasures. It is a 170-mile long swath of coastline that stretches from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick. The main pull of this area is that the Bay experiences the highest tides in the world. In a single day, the tides move more water than exists in all the freshwater sources across the entire world ...

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  • Banff National Park thumbnail
    A view of the mountains in a park near Banff in Alberta, Canada.
    Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada offers activities in summer and in winter that will likely please nearly everyone in the family. If you decide to stay in the National Park there are thirteen campgrounds to choose from. Each one is operated by Parks Canada. There is also a commercial lodging option in the area.

    In addition to a number of information centers being open year-round to help you better enjoy your stay, there are also the Upper Hot Springs which enjoy extended hours during the holidays ...

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  • Dinosaur Provincial Park thumbnail
    Panoramic view of part of the Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada.
    Don't you sometimes wish life didn't move quite so fast? What if you could step into a different world? A world in existence a very long time ago: .70+ Million years ago, to be more specific. This is a place marked with harsh landscapes that have been carved by centuries of semi-tropical temperatures, wind and rain. This is a place of buried secrets of a long-ago world ...

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  • 7.6 /10
    Fort Henry thumbnail
    A canon within Fort Henri.
    Fort Henry is a 19th century fortress that was meant to protect and defend the city of Kingston, Ontario, as well as to dissuade the usage of the Rideau Canal by enemy forces. The fortress is strategically located at the junction of the St. Laurence and Rideau Rivers. It's defensive walls and canons are built and positioned to make it nearly impossible to attack, by ground or naval bombardment, without suffering a high level of casualties ...

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  • 7.5 /10
    Rideau Canal thumbnail
    The Rideau Canal becomes the longest skating rink in the world during winter.
    The Rideau Canal is an engineering masterpiece that permits boats to navigate the Rideau River against Ottawa's downward elevation. It was originally built in order to offer an alternate route and access to the St. Laurence River from Kingston in case of an American naval embargo. The Rideau Canal is about 125 miles (200 kilometers) long, and its historical locks are still in operation today ...

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  • Notre-Dame Basilica thumbnail
    Interior of the Notre-Dame Basilica.
    In Old Montreal, the Notre-Dame Basilica or Basilique Notre-Dame is a Catholic basilica and a beautiful religious-historical masterpiece. It is located at 110 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, on the corner of Rue Saint Sulpice. It is located near the Saint-Sulpice Seminary and across from the Place d'Armes. The neo-Gothic architecture of the church is among the most exemplary in the world ...

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  • The marché Jean-Talon is a vibrant and locally popular semi-outside market located in the central-northern part of Montreal. ...

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  • 7.4 /10
    Mount Royal thumbnail
    The Mont Royal in autumn.
    Mount Royal is a natural distinctive landmark of the city of Montreal that can be seen from many miles away when driving toward the city. Downtown Montreal is located at between the bottom of its east-southern side and the St. Laurence River. Mount Royal is just north of downtown Montreal but is actually at about the center of the city's island ...

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  • Founded and built by Fr. André in the 1920's, The St.Joseph Oratory is a very popular Catholic pilgrimage site devoted to St. Joseph. It is located on the north-western side of Mount Royal. It has a small church/chapel at it's lowest floor, a museum at an higher floor and an impressive contemporary church at it's top floor that is topped by a large, recognizable from miles away, dome ...

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  • 7.4 /10
    The district of Old Montreal (Vieux Montréal in French), in Montreal, Quebec, was once a walled district in what is today considered as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in North America. Located along the banks of the St. Lawrence River, the district was established under the name of Ville-Marie in the 17th century, the city of Old Montreal is a district that prides itself for its rich historical and cultural heritage ...

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  • Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump thumbnail
    A view of the famous Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump cliff in Alberta, Canada.
    Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Fort Macleod in Alberta, Canada. It is a 'buffalo jump' that was used by the Blackfoot peoples up until contact with the Europeans. In case you are not familiar with a buffalo jump, it is a cliff that the people would hear buffalo over in order to process their bodies ...

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  • 7.3 /10
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is the home of the annual Folklorama festival; featuring two weeks of multicultural events. This festival celebrates the ethnic heritage of the region with wonderful food, folkdances, arts, crafts, and music. 2010 will see the 40th Anniversary of the Folklorama festival, which was intended to be a one-time celebration of their centennial ...

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  • There are so many wonderful museums in Alberta, but one of the favorites of everyone who visits is the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, formerly the Provincial Museum of Alberta. This museum contains exhibits of native culture, local wildlife, and contains a number of collections that are interesting and informative. Their mission is to simply tell the story of the people, places, and culture of Alberta ...

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  • 7.2 /10
    Stampede Park is a grouping of a number of seemingly disparaging businesses. Included in the park are a hockey arena, a convention facility, an agricultural building, and some other buildings. There is the more recent Stampede Casino on the site as well. It is located southeast of downtown Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, but access is convenient from Calgary via Calgary Transit's light rail system ...

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  • Ever want to visit a Ukrainian village, but the thought of distance to the Ukraine, not to mention the cost, prohibits undertaking that journey? The solution is the Ukrainian Cultural Center east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Depicting the lives of Ukrainian Canadian settlers between 1899 and 1930, this village provides some interesting cultural and heritage information for visitors.

    This very interesting village that is divided into three areas, the Farmsteads, the Rural Community and the Town, and it contains the homes of three of the original settler's families, and a variety of things to observe relating to Ukrainian life ...

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  • The History of Transportation Museum is part of the Western Development Museums found throughout Saskatchewan, Canada. It is located on Diefenbacker Drive in Moose Jaw. It is open from nine to five year round, however from January to March it is closed on Mondays. The prices are $8.50 for adults and $5.75 for students ...

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  • 7.1 /10
    La Ronde is an popular amusement park in Montreal that is operated by Six Flags. It is more precisely located on Notre-Dame Island (or Parc Jean-Drapeau) southeast of downtown Montreal. ...

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  • There is such a great variety of activities in the Canadian Rocky Mountain area, with another interesting facility being the Fort McMurray Heritage Park, which is approximately 234 miles north of Edmonton. This historical village depicts Canadian life in the early 1900's, and has the following activities available:

    1. Heritage Park contains an assortment of historic buildings and relics from this community's distinct past ...

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